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Enhance Productivity with our Expert Pool of Trainers as per your need

Customized Trainings

Send us your requirement and we will send you all the details. 

Industry Leaders

Our Trainers are the Industry Leaders with years of experience and Proven track record. 

Technology Geeks

Our trainers are well equipped with all the latest Technology needed in every industries. 

Engaging Activities

All our Training modalities include engaging activities to ensure and maximize the Training efficiency. 

Some of our Recent Corporate Trainings led by our Industry Experts

Leadership Training

Manaram Group

Digital Marketing Workshop

Code for Change

Cloud Computing Benefits

National Youth Conference

Online Reputation Management


Digital Marketing Workshop

Boston International College

Visual Identity for Startups

Workshop for Startups

How we plan?

Whenever we deliver any trainings, we ensure it with full effectiveness.
And that is why we plan very thoroughly.

Requirement & Need Analysis
  • Determine the needs and expectations of Companies or Colleges
  • Communication with the participants
  • Define expectations
Define Training Objectives
  • Set Clear Goals: Establish what the training aims to achieve (e.g., skill enhancement, compliance, leadership development etc).
  • SMART Objectives: Ensure the objectives are Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant, and Time-bound.
Develop a Training Plan
  • Analyze training needs
  • Set goals and develop training structures
  • Decide the type of training (in-person, online)
  • Develop an outline
  • Choose trainers
Develop Training Materials
  • Prepare engaging content
  • Incorporate modules and structures 
  • Training with multimedia to enhance engagement
Budget & Scheduling

Prepare the budget and schedule for the Training Program.

Marketing and Communication
  • Promote the Program: Use internal communication channels to create awareness about the training.
  • Engage Participants: Highlight the benefits and importance of the training to motivate attendance and participation.
Monitor and Support During Training
  • Follow the plan
  • Providing support when necessary
  • Defining, collecting and analyzing data
  • Feedback and support
Post-Training Evaluation
  • Understand how well the training has been received
  • Trainee’s Feedback
  • Review and improve accordingly
  • Prioritize student’s values and opinions
  • Provide support
Report and Analyze
  • Create and organize data
  • Format and summarize the report
  • Analyze data and information collected.
  • Forward to the Company

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