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DevOps Course in Nepal (With Cloud Computing)

Overview On DevOps Course in Nepal

The combination of software development and IT operations forms DevOps. The main goal of DevOps course is to shorten the software development lifecycle by introducing technology. It also improves software quality. DevOps course in Nepal is available on different levels and it focuses on different DevOps lifecycles. It is a comprehensive program that covers DevOps culture, tools, and processes.

DevOps with Cloud computing is to provide different computing services. The services focuses like analysis, storage, databases, networking, etc. on the internet. Cloud computing course in Nepal provides Google Cloud services while also teaching you how to use them. They include computing, storage, networking, and big data.

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Course Module (Prepared by Award Winning Tech Company)

Introduction to DevOps
  • Introduction
  • DevOps Its culture and practices
  • Benefits and DevOps Lifecycle
  • Activity
Linux Fundamentals
  • Linux installation and setup
  • Basic Linux commands
  • File systems and permissions
  • Networking basics
  • Shell scripting basics
  • Activity
Version Control Systems
  • Introduction to Git
  • Git commands (clone, commit, push, pull, merge)
  • Branching and merging strategies
  • Activity
Containerization with Docker
  • Introduction to Docker
  • Docker installation and setup
  • Building and running Docker containers
  • Docker Compose
  • Activity
Cloud Computing - Basic
  • Introduction to cloud computing
  • Overview of AWS, Azure, GCP
  • Deploying applications on AWS
  • AWS services: EC2, S3, RDS, VPC
  • Activity
Configuration Management
  • Introduction to configuration management
  • Tools: Ansible, Chef, Puppet
  • Writing Ansible playbooks
  • Activity
Networking and Performance Tuning
  • Networking fundamentals for DevOps
  • Load balancing and reverse proxies
  • Performance tuning and optimization
  • Activity
Cloud Computing - Intermediate
  • Cloud-specific tooling (CLI, SDKs)
  • Advance cloud tools and cloud managed services
  • Basic optimization concepts
  • Activity
Infrastructure as Code (IaC)
  • Introduction to IaC
  • Tools: Terraform, CloudFormation
  • Writing Terraform scripts
  • Activity
Continuous Integration (CI)
  • Introduction to CI
  • Setting up a CI pipeline
  • Tools: Jenkins, GitHub Actions, GitLab CI, Bitbucket Pipelines
  • Writing and configuring CI pipelines
  • Activity
Continuous Deployment (CD)
  • Introduction to CD
  • Tools and best practices
  • Implementing a CD pipeline
  • Activity
Container Orchestration with Kubernetes
  • Introduction to
  • Kubernetes
    Kubernetes architecture
  • Setting up a Kubernetes cluster
  • Managing applications with Kubernetes
  • Activity
Monitoring and Logging
  • Importance of monitoring and logging
  • Tools: Prometheus, Grafana, ELK Stack
  • Setting up monitoring and logging
  • Activity
DevOps Security
  • Introduction to DevSecOps
  • Security best practices
  • Tools: HashiCorp Vault, AWS IAM, WAF, etc.
  • Activity
Final Project
  • Activity: DevOps Hackathon
  • Plan and set up a complete CI/CD pipeline
  • Deploy an application using Docker and Kubernetes
  • Implement monitoring, logging, and security for the deployed application
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About Our DevOps Course in Nepal

The DevOps course that we are providing is DevOps with Cloud Computing. Combining DevOps with cloud computing is more efficient for development. It opens a better scope for delivery and collaboration. In this course, you will be learning Linux fundamentals along with git commands also to DevOps with cloud computing.

Who Should Enroll in Our DevOps Course in Nepal?

This DevOps course in Nepal is a broad concept for anyone remotely interested in the field. But, these are the list of people who can enjoy our DevOps training in Nepal.

  1. Software Developers
    Software developers can learn to automate software processes. Deployment automation is also taught in this course. It can help developers advance their careers and knowledge. Also, version control systems and DevOps security are also benefit software developers.
  2. DevOps Engineers
    DevOps Engineers already have the concept of DevOps. But DevOps with cloud computing will enhance their knowledge on cloud. Their knowledge will also expand on DevOps itself with a fresh perspective. They will learn advanced automation techniques, monitoring and logging. So, It is recommend to take DevOps training in Nepal.
  3. IT Managers
    DevOps course in Nepal for IT managers is crucial as they can understand DevOps principles which helps their team lead better. Cloud computing course in Nepal will help the IT managers understand cloud technologies better.
  4. QA Engineers
    Deveops training in Nepal for QA Engineers is beneficial because they will learn to implement automated testing . It helps us to check the quality of their projects. It also allows scope for continuous testing and quality assurance in cloud. They also learn new skills like integration with cloud tools and new ways of testing performance.
  5. Freelancers
    Freelancers can take this course because it provides major client services and it is also a great way to find new clients in this particular field. They learn new consulting methods on DevOps to attract more clients. They learn cloud management and new DevOps implementation strategies and automation techniques.

Why Enroll In a DevOps Course In Nepal?

  1. Better Career Opportunities
    By taking our DevOps course in Nepal, you will be provided with new career opportunities upon its completion. It can open many new doors for you especially if you feel lost on your current career path.
  2. New Skills
    Knowledge is power and it never goes to waste. Learning a new skill is always a good thing for you and your career. Our course provides you with a new perspective.
  3. Improvement on Existing Skills
    For someone who already has the skills our course wishes to provide you, your skillset can improve with new knowledge on terms you may have missed.
  4. Savings
    Our course promotes savings because if you learn everything on the course, you don’t need to hire a new candidate for this role.
  5. Personal Growth
    Learning something new leads to personal growth and awareness. It could also hit you with a realization and shape up your future in the best way possible.

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FAQs on DevOps Course in Nepal

Coding is not necessarily required but it helps you learn better.

DevOps is a growing industry job growth which makes it a good career opportunity.

DevOps has a high salary because DevOps engineers are the main asset in business.

There are many agencies providing DevOps courses. You should choose whichever one suits you. You can check out our course as well.

Cloud computing is an exciting field for freshers. There is a high demand for skilled and knowledgeable cloud computing professionals.

You can gain a basic understanding of cloud computing course in Nepal through free resources, books, and online tutorials.

Applying for our DevOps Training in Nepal Program is simple. Visit our website and navigate to the “DevOps Course in Nepal” page. You’ll find an application form there. Fill out the required details, and our team will get in touch with you regarding the next steps.

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